Marketing Services - let's start with a conversation

Solidify Business Plans & Goals:

When we meet, I will ask you questions about your business plan and your goals.  My goal is to help you squeeze the most value out of every penny you spend and ultimately to get better results for less money.

Marketing Plan:

Once we solidify your business plan and goals, I will create a Marketing Plan using proven money-saving strategies. A well-coordinated plan allows you to use your resources more effectively, reduce waste and maximize results.

Big, Short-term Wins:

The “low-hanging fruit”—certain segments of your market offer the most immediate prospects. We help you identify and reach them so you can get some business rolling in as you move forward with your marketing.

Optimize Projects and Vendor Relationships:

I will evaluate each project for opportunities to save money with vendors, contractors, and media providers.

Menu Driven Approach:

I'll partner with you on a "menu driven" approach. I can do a marketing assessment and hand it off to you, I can actively manage your campaigns and vendor relationships or I can also train you and your team to take it over.  My goal is to help you optimize your bottom line! 

Business Plan

We'll start here.  I will work with you to understand your business, look at the plan you have in place, refine and come up with goals. 

Market Assessment

Using a "SWOT" approach (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats). We will identify low hanging fruit and longer term investments to truly differentiate yourself in the marketplace. 

Vendor Management

I have extensive experience in big corporations and small businesses managing vendor relationships.  If you desire, I can manage ongoing or provide periodic assessments to ensure you are maximizing your investment. 

Content/Website Audit

I can dive in an assess your current website performance, identify areas to amplify, where to scale back and identify fixes. 


Let's ensure that your brand conveys who you are and is consistently showing up offline and online.

Campaign Management

If you desire, I can manage campaigns for you  - at the level you need. I can get into the weeds and do everything or I can put together a high level plan and delegate to your team.